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Advanced IC Packaging Technologies and Markets
2009 Edition

A Strategic Report On the Latest
Technologies in IC Packaging
With Forecasts of Key Markets

Price $2495—Published September 2009, 225 pages

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Although IC shipments have dropped significantly in 2009, this is merely a dip in the road. Volumes have already begun to move upward again, and customers will require an ever-increasing portfolio of advanced IC packaging technologies.

Electronic Trend Publications (ETP) in its report, Advanced IC Packaging Technologies and Markets, 2009 Edition, uses information from IC packaging industry insiders to present the most realistic forecasts available regarding advanced IC packaging. Throughout the report, the latest advanced packaging products, services, and research from numerous companies and organizations are described.

Chapter 3, The State of the Industry, begins with ETP’s views on the state of the semiconductor industry. This includes a look at global economic factors that impact the industry. ETP’s base semiconductor forecast and a mid-year update to that forecast are also provided.

Chapter 4, Wafer-Level Packages (WLPs), presents important WLP designs that have been introduced over the past year. WLP forecasts by pitch, I/O range, and IC product are given.

Chapter 5, Stacked Packages, explains the basics of this critical packaging technology, along with a sampling of the latest products. Forecasts include units, prices, packaging revenue, package types, device types, first-level interconnection, and applications. Through-silicon via (TSV) technology is discussed in depth.

In a similar manner, Chapter 6, System in Package (SiP), presents information on the evolving market for ICs combined with passive devices within a single package. Forecasts include units, prices, packaging revenue, device types, interconnection, and applications.

Chapter 7, Interconnection, Flip Chip, and Bumping, contains a review of first-level package interconnection. Flip chip forecasts are provided, both within the package and as bare die on the PCB. Trends in wafer bumping are discussed extensively. Unit forecasts are given for bump styles, UBM processes, and bump composition.

Chapter 8, Array QFNs, reviews the latest

designs in these new packages. Market forecasts include units, average I/O count, price per I/O,

average assembly price, and revenue.

Chapter 9, Optical Interconnect, presents the current state of this exciting packaging technology of the future. The market potentials of both interchip and intrachip photonics are explored.

Trends in advanced IC packaging are important to your business. Advanced IC Packaging Technologies and Markets will provide you with an effective and economical tool for assessing the future of this market. The report sells for $2495, with extra copies $350. Each copy includes both a hardbound version and a single-user PDF file on CD-ROM. Corporate licensing is available—contact us for pricing. Order your copies today!



Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction


Chapter 2: Executive Summary


Chapter 3: The State of the Industry

World Economic Outlook

Semiconductor Industry 2009 Base Forecast

Mid-year Update


Chapter 4: Wafer-Level Packages

WLP Technology Overview

Market Forecasts

New Product Introductions

Other Advanced Packages


Chapter 5: Stacked Packages

Types of Stacked Packages

The Ins and Outs of Stacked Packages


Wafer Thinning

End Markets/Application Trends

New Products

Stacked Package Forecasts

Stacked Packages by Application

End Market for Stacked Packages

Stacked Packages by Package Style

Stacked Packages by Device Type

Stacked Packages by Interconnection


Chapter 6: System in Package (SiP)


New Products

SiP Forecasts


SiPs by Application

SiPs by Device Type

SiPs by Interconnection


Chapter 7: Interconnection, Flip Chip, and Bumping

Interconnection Overview

Wafer Bumping and Processing

New Products

Flip Chip Applications

Interconnection Forecast

Units by Interconnection

Total Flip Chip Forecast

Flip Chip Bump Styles

UBM Process Techniques

Bump Composition


Chapter 8: Array QFNs


New Products

Market Forecast

Units, Area, Revenue by Package Family

Units, Area, Revenue by Material


Chapter 9: Optical Interconnect

Technology Basic

Applications/Potential Markets

Industry Highlights


Partial List of Figures and Tables

Nominal GDP of Major Countries and Regions

Real GDP Growth for Selected Countries

IC Units and Revenue, 2008–2013

Summary IC Unit Forecast by Product, 2008–2013

WLPs by I/O Range, 2008–2013

WLPs by IC Product, 2008–2013

WLP I/O Pitch, 2008–2013

Die Stack FBGA Packages, 2008–2013

PoP Packages, 2008–2013

PiP Packages, 2008–2013

TSOP Stacked Packages, 2008–2013

QFN Stacked Packages, 2008–2013

MCM Stacked Packages, 2008–2013

Stacked WLPs, 2008–2013

Stacked Package Assembly Revenue, 2008–2013

Total ICs in Stacked Packages, 2008–2013

Applications for Stacked Packages, 2009

Stacked Packages by Device Type

Interconnection of Stacked Packages, 2008–2013

SiPs, 2008–2013

SiPs by Device Type, 2008–2013

Interconnection of SiPs, 2008–2013

Applications for SiPs, 2009

QFN Interconnection Forecast, 2008–2013

PGA Interconnection Forecast, 2008–2013

BGA Interconnection Forecast, 2008–2013

FBGA Interconnection Forecast, 2008–2013

Total Flip Chip Forecast, 2008–2013

Flip Chip Bump Styles, 2008–2013

UBM Process, 2008–2013

Bump Composition Units, 2008–2013

Devices in QFN Packages

Array QFN Forecast, 2009–2013

Amkor’s FusionQuad

ASAT’s High-Density Leadframe Array Package Lineup


HMT Package Structure

HMT Summary of Advantages

Board Level Optical Interconnection

glassPack SiP

Planar Optical Integration

Chip-Based Optical Interconnects

Off-chip I/O for FPGA on a Waveguide-Integrated SLC

Hybrid Laser Structure

Terabit Optical Chip

OBGA Package Architecture and Design Details

On-Chip Optical Interconnects

with Silicon Photonic Circuits


The latest advanced packaging products, services, and research of the following companies and organizations are interspersed throughout the report:





Auburn University

Bridgewave Communications


Cornell University



FlipChip International

Fraunhofer IZM

Georgia Tech.

Ghent University

Hong Kong University






Intelligent Chip Connections

Interconnect Systems



Mitsui High-tec


Reflex Photonics



Sandia Labs


Shinko Electric




Sun Microsystems



University of Texas



Price $2495—Published September 2009, 225 pages

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