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The Worldwide
Printed Electronics
2007 Edition

A Strategic Study on the Worldwide Market
for Organic-Based Electronic Circuits

Price $2495--Published March 2007, 175 pages

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The market for printed electronics is just beginning to emerge. Similar to the early semiconductor market, there are specific applications that are legitimizing its acceptance and driving its demand. In some cases, the market applications are near-term and dynamic, while others are more long-range and evolving. The most ubiquitous and immediate applications concern RFID tags and OLED displays which are manufactured using OTFT (organic thin film transistor) technology. These applications are penetrating a wide number of customer applications. As costs decline and technology performance improves, it will justify customer switching and in many cases the implementation of entirely new design solutions.

As a result, it can be safely said that printed electronics is a disruptive technology. However, as with any exciting topic, there is a lot of speculation and exaggerated estimates about the impact of printed electronics over time. To assist your evaluation of the future direction of printed electronics, Electronic Trend Publications is pleased to present, The Worldwide Printed Electronics Market, a comprehensive worldwide market study on the trends, issues, and leading companies in printed electronics.

The objective of this report is to provide a macroeconomic understanding of the worldwide printed electronics market—also known as organic thin film transistors (OTFT) or organic thin film transistors circuits (OTFC), occasionally as ‘polymer’ electronics, and loosely within the industry as ‘plastic’ electronics. The report’s analysis starts with 2006 and looks forward for the next ten years.

This report is organized into six chapters. Chapter 1, “Introduction,” outlines the scope, organization, and methodology for the report. Chapter 2, “Executive Summary,” presents top-level data from throughout the report.

Chapter 3, “Printed Electronics Technology,” examines the basis for printed electronics and considers the fundamental materials science behind organic conductors and polymers and how they might be printable. The various printing technologies are also examined including their strengths and weaknesses as it pertains to this industry. The chapter closes by looking at the latest developments in conductive inks and the variety of substrate surfaces for printable electronics, and provides examples of some of the most promising conductive inks.

Chapter 4, “Printed Electronics Markets, 2006,” examines the leading industry segments and applications for printed electronics such as radio frequency identification (RFID), organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays, OTFT for logic, memory and sensors, smart labels and intelligent packaging and photovoltaics (PV). The chapter also quantifies, in so far as is possible, the current market in terms of units, average selling price (ASP), and sales revenue.

Chapter 5, “Printed Electronics Market Forecasts,” examines how the market for printed electronics is expected to grow by leading application area. These markets are also quantified in terms of unit shipments, ASP, and sales revenue.

Chapter 6 profiles the leading industry participants including materials suppliers (films, nano-engineered substances and electronic ink suppliers), manufacturers (IC companies, vertical OEMs, and large conglomerates), component suppliers, and integrators. These profiles summarize the market focus of each company.

As the future of printed electronics is critical to your business, please review the report’s outline on the following pages. The Worldwide Printed Electronics Market will provide you with the critical information you need to assess this emerging and dynamic market. The report sells for $2495, with extra copies $350. (Each copy includes both a hardbound version and a single-user PDF on CD-ROM. Corporate licensing is available—contact us for pricing.) Order your copies today!


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction




Chapter 2: Executive Summary


Chapter 3: Printed Electronics Technology

Organic Electronics and Thin Film Technology

Organic Transistors

Polymer Electronics

Printable Electronics

Printing Technologies

Printable Electronics Technologies

Printable Polymer Components and Devices

Active Devices

High Volume Printable Electronics

Technology Summary

Inks and Substrates

Conductive Inks


Electronic Ink

Chapter 4: Printed Electronics Markets, 2006

Printed Electronics Market Overview

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Technical Issues

Printed RFID Applications

Current Printed RFID Market


OLED Display Overview

OLED Display Issues

Printed OLED Display Applications

Current Printed OLED Display Market

Non-Emissive Displays

Smart Labels and Intelligent Packaging

Smart Labels and Intelligent Packaging

Current Smart Labels and Intelligent Packaging Market

Memory, Logic, and Sensors

Technical Issues

Printed Logic, Memory, and Sensor Applications

Current Printed Logic, Memory,
and Sensor Market


Technical Issues

Printed PV Applications

Current Printed PV Market

Printed Electronics Market Summary


Chapter 5: Printed Electronics Market Forecasts

Printed Electronics Market Forecast Overview

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Future Printed RFID Applications

Printed RFID Market Forecasts


Future Printed Display Applications

Printed Display Market Forecasts

Intelligent Packaging and Smart Labels

Market Forecasts

Memory, Logic, Sensors

Future Applications

Market Forecast


Future Printed PV Applications

Printed PV Market Forecasts

Printed Electronics Market Forecast Summary


Chapter 6: Company Profiles







Cabot Corporation

Cambridge Display



Checkpoint Systems

Conductive Inkjet

Cymbet Corp.


Dai Nippon Printing

Delta Optoelectronics



du Pont

Eastman Kodak

E Ink Corporation

eMagin Corporation

Ferro Corporation

Front Edge Tech


Fuji Xerox

Graphic Solutions

H.C. Starck



Infineon Technologies

Infinite Power Solutions



Iridigm Display

Kent Displays

Konarka Technologies

KSW Microtec

L.G. Philips LCD


MAN Roland

Memtron Input Comp


MicroEmissive Displays













Philips–Polymer Vision

Plastic Logic


Power Paper

Printed Systems

Samsung Electronics

Seiko Epson



SiPix Imaging




Thin Film Electronics

Toppan Printing


Universal Display



List of Figures and Tables

Throughput vs. Resolution for Different Printing Processes

Summary RFID Market, 2006

RFID Units by Application, 2006

RFID Revenue by Application, 2006

Printed RFID Market, 2006

Potential Applications for OLED Displays, 2005

Total Flat Panel Display Market by Technology, 2006

OLED Display Market by Supplier, 2006

Printed OLED Display Market Summary, 2006

Examples of Intelligent Packaging Under Development

Worldwide Packaging Market by Industry, 2005

Worldwide Packaging Market by Material, 2005

Top Ten Consumer Packaging Companies, 2005

Printed Smart Labels and Intelligent Packaging Market, 2006

Worldwide Semiconductor Market by IC Type, 2006

PCB Assembly Market by Industry Segment, 2006

PV Module Market by End User, 2005

PV Power Market by Application and Technology, 2005

Printed Electronics Market Summary, 2006

Summary RFID Market, 2016

RFID Units by Application, 2016

RFID Revenue by Application, 2016

Printed RFID Market, 2016

Potential Applications for OLED Displays, 2010

Total Flat Panel Display Market by Technology, 2006-2016

Printed Display Market, 2016

Worldwide Packaging Market by Industry, 2016

Worldwide Packaging Market by Material, 2016

Printed Smart Labels and Intelligent Packaging Market, 2016

Worldwide Semiconductor Market by IC Type, 2016

Worldwide OTFT Semiconductor Market by IC Type, 2016

PV Power Market by Application and Technology, 2016

Printed Electronics Market Summary, 2016



Price $2495--Published March 2007, 175 pages

Download brochure with order form

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